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"We have moved to 14 Tavera Street in the de Castro sub-division 3 1/2 minutes from the Post Office"

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My name is Linda Davies and I am the founder of Pampers Beauty Therapy and Healthy Appearance Clinic, which I established in 1989 after completing and qualifying in Beauty Therapy and Aromatherapy in England.

Below is our last property before returning to town.
2007 was the year a six-year project came to life! Pampers Escape was born!

Falcon View was purchased in 2003 with the view to escaping the hustle and bustle of town life and to provide our clients, and all people in Marlborough, a place in paradise to come, where they can have their soul and senses put back in order in a beautiful magical environment while they have their treatment. We invite all who visit Pampers Escape to take a few minutes to wander down to the lake or sit quietly at the top of the hill, to recharge or soak up the views, smell the smells and make a difference to their lives.

We offer complimentary refreshments or fresh juices from our organic garden, when in full production.

For Nature Enthusiasts

Pampers Escape is nestled on 2.6 hectares (nearly six acres) of lush land on the north side of the Wairau River, adjacent to Rapaura Road. We support the environment and are privileged to have a small lake and a beautiful meandering spring feed stream, tripping over rocks as it makes its journey to the sea. There is a hill with two clawed-foot bath seats at the top with views of  the valley and a stunning stand of elderly majestic kanukas. Plantings at Falcon View have been in a quest to produce a continued food source for the wonderful birds we are home for: NZ native wood pigeon, tui, bellbirds, quail, fantails, and at the lake: kingfishers, ducks, grey herons and swallows. Our lake and stream are home to many creatures including frogs, tame eels, kora (crayfish) and dragon flies small and large.

Falcon View’s organic orchard and garden features many fruit trees: figs, tamarillo, loquats, apples, plums citrus and more, all in their infancy but producing. Our food garden started in August 2003 and is a work in progress.

In the Marlborough Businesswoman of the year awards  for 2011, catagory "Most Inspirational Role Model" sponsored by Fanselow Bell Marlborough, we were one of three finalists and one of two finalists in the "Most sustainable Business "sponsored by Yealands Estate 2011 Falcon View was awarded a nomination in Marlborough's Rural Environmental awards in 2010 and is a wwoof , fhinz and Helpx host.

Yes it truly is a "Pamper Escape" Feels like another world and I feel like a new woman. Treatments were wonderful and very relaxing, food yum and a lovely extra.
Lenore (Facial and Pedicure)
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“It took me 2 years to find the courage to pick up the phone to make a waxing appointment, when I did I wondered why I had taken so long.  You are professional caring and do an amazing job.  Thanks a lot.

 John Blenheim
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My first IPL Hair removal treatment has been “Life changing, Empowering and liberating” Linda, I am So happy thank you!

Maria Kaikoura

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I have been to spas around the world for facials and massages, sometimes left feeling intimated, Pampers Escape treats you like a friend and leaves you wondering “Why haven’t I been here before, “C’mon guys, BOOK IN there is nothing to it, like me you will see and feel the benefits”

Gavin Wellington

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I came to you Linda in 1998 for waxing ,  my relocation had me going to many other therapists, I am back and delighted as there is totally no comparison, you are professional, kind, caring and do an amazing job, thank you.

Lee Blenheim

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