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Cosmetic Procedures


Frown, Squint Worry Lines -  are they making you look severe, grumpy or tired even though you feel great, let us make you look great too!

Severe underarm sweating when antiperspirants fail.


Introducing Cosmetic Specialist Nurse Marie Guerin owner of "Accent on Skin" from Wellington who visits us monthly.

Marie is one of New Zealand's most experienced and successful cosmetic nurses and is considered one of the best operators in the country.  Marie has worked in cosmetic medicine for 22 years and facilitates training for a major international dermatological company in New Zealand, training and up skilling Doctors and other Nurses on product knowledge, injecting skills and techniques in their own environment around the country .

Marie has been working with us for 15 years.  Her goal is to make you look "Refreshed and Vibrant" with a natural look.....

BOTOX Cosmetic is a prescription medicine.  It is injected into muscles and used to improve and soften the look of moderate to severe frown-squint-concentration lines between the eyebrows in people 18 years of age upwards, for a temporary period of time 3 - 6 months depending on the area and strength of muscles.  It can take from 5 - 7 days to start to see the effect with a much more relaxed, softened appearance.

To look at the difference this could make for you, go to  and click on "Before and After Gallery"

Ever wondered about having a cosmetic treatment but not sure where to go or who to go too, wonder no more if you are looking for a qualified, experienced, empathetic and skilled professional specialist cosmetic nurse.

Contact us today to make your appointment for a fresher, smoother faced more confident you.

This may be the very best thing you do this year for you!!
Be your best,    Feel your best,    Look your best!

Yes it truly is a "Pamper Escape" Feels like another world and I feel like a new woman. Treatments were wonderful and very relaxing, food yum and a lovely extra.
Lenore (Facial and Pedicure)
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“It took me 2 years to find the courage to pick up the phone to make a waxing appointment, when I did I wondered why I had taken so long.  You are professional caring and do an amazing job.  Thanks a lot.

 John Blenheim
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My first IPL Hair removal treatment has been “Life changing, Empowering and liberating” Linda, I am So happy thank you!

Maria Kaikoura

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I have been to spas around the world for facials and massages, sometimes left feeling intimated, Pampers Escape treats you like a friend and leaves you wondering “Why haven’t I been here before, “C’mon guys, BOOK IN there is nothing to it, like me you will see and feel the benefits”

Gavin Wellington

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I came to you Linda in 1998 for waxing ,  my relocation had me going to many other therapists, I am back and delighted as there is totally no comparison, you are professional, kind, caring and do an amazing job, thank you.

Lee Blenheim

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