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  • Body & Beauty Treatments

  • At Pampers Escape, we have qualified practitioners who are able to perform a wide range of Body & Beauty treatments for both men and women.

  • Life Changes Your Skin... We Can Help You Change it Back

    Great skin doesn't happen by chance, it happens by appointment!

  • Facials

  • Facials

     (for Women and Men)
    "more of an experience than a facial"

  • Our facials are "All about you". Our lighting and music are low and your preparation for your facial is to be wrapped in a mohair rug safe and secure. We don't talk with you during your facial time so you can completely indulge in the moment.

    Facials include cleansing, exfoliation, massage, extractions masks and home care advice. This will exceed your expectations. At the conclusion of your facial we sit with you and talk about home care advice and any suggestions we feel can be helpful so you have the skin you desire.

    We conclude your treatment with a gorgeous herbal tea to be enjoyed outside in our grounds in the summer or inside in the winter.

  • TreatmentDurationPrice
    (Personalised for your skin type to give the best results.)
    Allow 60 minfrom $98
    (for the busy person, or a quick skin pick-me-up)
    Allow 45 minfrom $55
  • DISCLAIMER: videos are for illustrative purposes only and do NOT reflect the exact products or procedures we use.

  • What products do we use?

    We use a beautiful New Zealand product called "The Honey Collection" formulated from a blend of natural oils and pure New Zealand active UMF Manuka Honey, calming with camomile and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

    Enriched with collagen natures building block to moisturise, replenish and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by maintaining the elastisticity of the skin. Paraben Free, not tested on animals, no artificial colourings, perfumed with natural oils.

    We import La Clinica from Australia with great antioxidant properties. For all skin types to beautifully enrich and purify skin, a unique blend of extracts and essential oils. None of our products contain alcohol or parabens.

  • How often to get a facial?

    It varies from person to person.

    Ideally, have a facial every four to six weeks because that's how long it takes the skin to regenerate. Try to have a facial at least four times a year, as the season changes.

    You may need it more frequently if you are trying to clear up a case of acne, especially at the beginning. Otherwise, once a month is plenty.

  • Micro Dermabrasion

  • Micro Dermabrasion

    The results are impressive and undeniable;
    a polished skin in just minutes!

  • This treatment gently removes the other layer of dead skin cells allowing the skin to function better. The look is fresher, healthier looking skin with improved texture and surface quality. Wonderful for the treatment of active acne and acne scarring as well as softening scar tissue.

    We have a sophisticated, “State of the Art” microdermabrasion machine with Diamond Head. We use this machine on young skins for the treatment of acne and all other age skin to improve skin quality, to soften skin, reduce enlarged pores, diminish age and sun spots and soften fine lines.

    For men and women, we suggest Micro Dermabrasion prior to facial IPL treatment to ensure the best results.

  • TreatmentDurationPrice
    MICRO DERMABRASION Allow 45 min $140
  • Eye Enhancements

  • Eye Enhancements

    For Your Eyes Only!

  • Eyes are the most important feature on a person’s face, if eyebrows are shaped wrong, can take weeks to come right. We at Pampers Escape create a look to enhance your face with no regrets from over-plucking or being left 'au naturel'. Our therapist uses disposable wax to achieve the ‘look’ then carefully finishes off with tweezers.

    NOTE: The Eyelash Tint lasts approximately six weeks as we have a new set of hairs grown in our eyelashes in this time.

  • TreatmentDurationPrice
    (using wax and tweezers)
    Allow 15 minfrom $16
    EYEBROW TINTAllow 15 minfrom $16
    (great for contact lens wearers or to enhance)
    Allow 25 minfrom $26
    (quicker when done together)
    Allow 30 minfrom $34
  • Manicures & Pedicures

  • Pedicures


  • File & Varnish involves filing all the nails, cleansing and removing any cuticle attached to the nail to give a nice smooth nail for varnish application. Then we apply base, two colour coats and one top coat to complete.


    Pedicure is a complete relaxing treat which includes nail shape, removal of hard skin, cuticles, leg and foot massage and choice of polish.

  • TreatmentDurationPrice
    Allow 60 min $75
  • Makeup & Lessons

  • Makeup & Lessons

    Reinvent yourself and feel wonderful!

  • Wedding Makeup

    Such a special time deserves the best. Our makeup specialist is just that, excelling in her profession to bring out your very best. We suggest you have a trial session well before your wedding day and you purchase your own lipstick as you will need to reapply. We can come to you on the day or you can come to us.

    Having facials well before the day ensures your skin is in its best possible condition to ensure you get the look you desire with your photography.

  • Makeup Lessons

    Reinvent yourself and feel wonderful. Bring the contents of your bathroom cupboard and let us help you become your best you.

    From 1 - 1½ hours of fun and wonder. Beverages included.

  • TreatmentDurationPrice
    WEDDING MAKEUP Allow 30-60 min $125
    MAKEUP LESSONS Allow 1 - 1 1/2 hours $150
  • Full Body

  • Full Body Treats

    Massage: a time to let you "BE" instead of do, time for the mind, body and soul
    to connect and be calm and leave your busy world for a while.

  • Relax as the tension and stress is kneaded from your body, using quality oils.
    Our massage therapist create the desired massage requirement for you: destress, relaxation or muscular tension.

  • TreatmentDurationPrice
    MASSAGE Allow 60 min $98
    TOP-TO-TOE Allow 4 - 4 1/2 hours $345
  • TOP-TO-TOE Massage

    The crème de la crème of treats! Where it is all about you!
    We start with a wonderful full-body one-hour pampering massage, leaving you feeling relaxed, at peace and balanced.

    Your feet are then treated to a full revival hour; toe nails trimmed, hard skin removed, feet massaged and nails polished for women. The hands are then restored in an hour-long pampering treat. Finally, we give you our facial, which has been described as "more of an experience than a facial".

    During this time, we encourage you to just enjoy the moment and we keep your environment quiet and peaceful. We provide you with refreshments from our garden in season and serve these outside if fine or inside if raining or cold.

  • Results you will love!

  • Sadly we do not have this available on our menu at the moment due to our move to Town.

  • Waxing & Bleaching

  • Waxing & Bleaching

  • Quality Wax Products & Waxing Techniques

    We directly import our quality wax from Italy (for the Brazilian Wax) and from Australia (for rest of the body). Our wax has been carefully chosen to suit all skin types ensuring the greatest of results with the least discomfort. It is gentle for sensitive skins and suitable for any part of the face or body.

    We have sourced what we believe to be the very best wax available on the market, that is a safe and effective for our low-temperature wax hair removal system.

    Body temperature wax is used, for your comfort and safety. It covers the hair gently causing no stress on your skin. Wax is applied thinly by our expert therapists using the latest techniques with the highest hygiene standards possible.

  • Expert Waxing Therapists

    We are skilled at giving you a clean, fast, hygienic, dignified waxing treatment every time, one that you never thought possible.

    We pride ourselves in our private clinic and friendly caring attention to detail.

    You are our most important asset!

  • What We Do to Ensure Your Safety

    Our hygiene standards are second to none, we realize waxing opens the hair follicles and leaves the skin in a vulnerable condition with the chance of infection. We have been inspected by the Marlborough Health Board who are impressed at our extreme high standards.

  • For each new client we guarantee

    • A clean fresh waxing sheet
    • Fresh new wax (not recycled)
    • Disposable calico strips (not reused)
    • A new spatula, used each time
    • Fresh medical surgical gloves worn by therapist
    • All instruments cleaned and sterilized with hospital strength products
      (unless throw away product used)
    • All trolley surfaces cleaned with hospital strength antibacterial spray
    • Our aftercare cream is second to none with pure NZ manuka oil.
  • Home Aftercare

    • For 24 hours after a waxing we suggest you avoid the following on the area waxed.
    • Sunbathing, sun beds, tanning cream, spray tanning and highly perfumed creams.
    • Swimming pools, spa pools because of the chemicals.
    • Have a warm but not hot shower or bath.
    • Avoid friction from nylon material or tight cloths and using an exfoliation glove.
  • DISCLAIMER: videos are for illustrative purposes only and do NOT reflect the exact products or procedures we use.

  • Prior to Your Waxing

    The hair needs to be approximately ¼ to ½ an inch long.
    Use a body glove to exfoliate the dead skin cells and keep skin in good condition and avoid ingrown hairs.
    Apply body cream each day but NOT on the day of waxing.

  • TreatmentDurationPrice
    FULL LEG Allow 60 min from $65
    3/4 LEG
    (1/2 leg and back thigh)
    Allow 45 min from $46
    BACK OF THIGH Allow 15 min from $18
    1/2 LEG
    (knee to ankle)
    Allow 30 min from $30
    1/2 LEG AND BIKINI Allow 45 min from $46
    BIKINI Allow 15 min from $18
    EXTENDED BIKINI Allow 30 min from $25
    LIP or CHIN Allow 15 min from $12
    LIP & CHIN Allow 30 min from $25
    FOREARM Allow 30 min from $18
    UNDERARMS Allow 15 min from $18
    BACKS AND CHESTS - MEN Allow min from $45
    (or $20 per 15 min)
    LEGS - MEN Allow min from $45
    (or $20 per 15 min)
    BLEACHING - MEN & WOMEN Allow 15 min from $16
  • NOTES:
    Top lip or chin, other areas of face, legs and back can also be done. Treatment time and price given on consultation. Contact us today.

  • BRAZILIAN WAXING (for Women)

    A Brazilian bikini wax removes the hair from the entire pubic region or we can leave a small strip if requested. Many women request a Brazilian because it gives a clean, close wax and the freedom to wear even the most revealing swimwear and lingerie.

    First, the hair is trimmed (if needed) so the wax can reach the follicles. We use a wonderful Italian warm strip wax, which is applied by our therapist on the area a little at a time. As with a regular bikini, calico strips are placed over the waxed area and removed, leaving the skin clear from hair.

    A traditional Brazilian includes the labia and the area that reaches into the buttocks. All the hair can be removed or you can decide to leave a strip in the middle. If there are any stray hairs after waxing, they are removed with tweezers.

  • A Frequently Asked Question:

    Q: Do we need pubic hair?

    A: Where we once needed hair for protection, it is now suggested by doctors that there is no clinical evidence to suggest otherwise.

    Clothing provides protection and warmth and the claim is that it is more hygenic to have the hair removed so as not to absorb sweat.

  • TreatmentDurationPrice
    Brazilian Wax
    (first time)
    Allow 1 hour $70 - $75
    Brazilian Wax
    (subsequent time)
    Allow 1 hour $65 (if regular)
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  • Gift Vouchers

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    We offer beautifully presented and packaged gift vouchers complete with herbs and ribbon or bows for both men and women. These are available for any amount or treatment and are valid for six months.

    We happily offer a complimentary delivery service within Blenheim.

  • Terms & Policies

  • Terms & Policies

  • Cancellations require 24 hours notice, failing this appointments booked may be charged for, no shows impact us and remove the option to give the appointment to another client.

    All gift vouchers need to be redeemed for the treatments they are purchase for or similar to be agreed to by management and clients and cannot be redeemed for cash, they are for six months from the date of purchase.

    Thank you for your understanding with this,
    Linda and the Team